Scrubing old Epoxy Floor Covering

Why Choose epoxy floor ?

There are many reason why to choose epoxy floor than other floor covering.
Since it is possible to provide the epoxy resin systems of specific characteristics, epoxy floors may be made to satisfy the users' demands. It is a very great advantage over other floor coverings produced of unchangable physical, technical and chemical characteristics.

Basic characteristics and application of epoxy floors:

Impact Resistance:Epoxy floors are generally used in areas of idustry where goods are handled in specific spaces, such as productionlines, warehouses, loading bays, and where compressive loads are generated by the movement of goods on trucks, pallets etc.
Slip Resistance:Pedestrian traffic areas require varying degrees of slip resistance,dependent on whether the environment is wet or dry.
Fire Resistance:Fire escape routes,explosive production and storage areas , underground car park decks.
Hygiene:Pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, beverage, chemical and electronics industries have very demanding sanitary requirements.These industries often need totally dust free and easily cleanable floors, without cracks or angled corners.
Chemical Resistance- Waterproof:Epoxy floor coverings provide an impermeable seal to protect both the concrete and the underlying ground water from the leakage of liquid pollutants, which are also chemically corrosive, as those coming from metal processing, galvanizing, food processing ( milk, meat, vegetables, etc). They are resistant to chemical attacks of the floor by individual and combined chemicals and their mixed effects and consequences of any chemical reactions.
Epoxy floor chemical resistance chart

Temperature- Thermal shock:Activities such as autoclaving, cooking, sterilizing or blast freezing are carried out close by extreme temperatures or extreme variations of temperature.

Some Advantages of using epoxy floor:
Protects concrete from wear , chemical corrosion and chemical deterioration.
Reduces wear to transport vehicles and reduces time spent on maintenance.
Provides faster material movement through working and transport areas and protects products from damage.Reduces floor maintenance and cleaning costs, producing a cleaner work environment and decreases injuries with non-slip surfaces.Increases light reflectivity and brightens work areas which saves on utility expenses and maximizes work efficiencies.
Residential floor covering comparison chart
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