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The range of potential applications for adhesives technology has been considerably widened with the recent advent of these new synthetic resins. Until the 1980’s it was not possible to apply epoxy resin compositions underwater to form strong and durable joints.But now products have been produced which may be used underwater and have become significant engineering materials for the Marine Industry, Dock and Harbour Boards and,and for the Offshore Oil Industry.

Epoxy based adhesives are preferred for underwater jointing because of the ease with which they can be cold cured, their good adhesion and their general convenience. Specifically developed for underwater use, this WRA series of epoxy adhesives is tolerant of some contamination, although
best results are obtained on well-prepared surfaces- ideally, grit blasted or mechanically abraded and free from any oil and/or grease. However, in an emergency, it will not always be possible to make ideal surface preparations and, in such cases, the effectiveness and/or durability of the bond to the substrate will be impaired, although the results may still be acceptable especially for temporary repair. Decisions regarding surface preparation must be taken on site, dependent upon the situation in hand.

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Author :Wessex Resins and Adhesives

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