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Repair of Rigid Pavements Using Epoxy Resin Grouts,Mortars, and Concrete

1. Purpose. This manual presents materials, cri- f. Epoxy resin grout. The product obtained by teria, and procedures for rapid repair of uncon- combining a filler with the epoxy resin system. The trolled cracks and spalls in rigid pavements by using filler and the epoxy resin system are obtained from epoxy resin grouts, mortars, and concretes. This the formulator guidance is applicable to the repair of rigid g. Epoxy resin mortar. The product obtained by pavements on roads and airfields. combining a fine aggregate with the epoxy resin
2. References. Appendix A contains a list of system. references used in this document. h. Epoxy resin concrete. The product obtained
3. Definitions. a. Epoxy resin. The resin by combining both fine and coarse aggregate with component of a thermosetting polymer which the epoxy resin system. contains epoxy groups principally responsible for its
4. General. Expedient methods of repairing unpolymerization
a.controlled cracks and spalls in rigid pavements are
b. Epoxy resin system. The product resulting often required to minimize the time a pavement is from the combination of all the components sup- closed to traffic. Approved epoxy resins, described aplied for use as an epoxy resin system. herein, provide binding agents particularly suitable.

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Repair of Rigid Pavements Using Epoxy Resin Grouts,Mortars, and Concrete


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