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Epoxy Resins and Epoxy Hardeners

Epoxy Resins:
Most common epoxy resins are produced from a reaction between epichorohydrin & Bisphenol A. Other materials can become part of the reaction yielding Bis F resins, Novolac resins, and multifunctional resins.The reaction product is high in viscosity and can either undergo further reaction processes to yield a lower viscosity resin.
Epoxy resins are often modified using other products to improve some measured property of the final product such as toughness or tensileness. Epoxy resins and their additives contribute to the viscosity of the system and to the shrinking characteristics.The amount of the fillers and diluents will impact both the physical and handling properties of the resin system. Epoxy resins are part of a two-component thermo-set plastic that requires an epoxy hardener to determine the majority of the handling and physical properties of the base.The use of several variations of unmodified and modified epoxy resins with the same epoxy hardener will produce some variations in their properties; however, the epoxy hardener is the primary factor in the base property.

Epoxy Hardeners:
Epoxy hardeners are not catalysts and they react with the epoxy resins, greatly contributing to the ultimate properties of the cured epoxy resin system.Epoxy hardeners provide: gel time; mixed viscosity; demold time of the epoxy resin system. Physical properties of the epoxy resin system such as tensility, compression, flexural properties, etc., are also influenced by epoxy hardeners.
The performance of epoxy hardeners in the epoxy resins system depend on the chemical characteristics of the epoxy resins and the physical characteristics while applying the epoxy resins system.The chemical characteristics of the epoxy resins that influence epoxy hardeners are: viscosity; amount and kind of diluents and filers in epoxy resins.The physical characteristics of the epoxy resins system influencing the behavior of epoxy hardeners in the epoxy resins system are: temperature of the work area, temperature of the resins system (i.e.the heated resins), and moisture (dampness).
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