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One of the most problem solving products available in epoxy systems today is Epoxy Injection Resin. Structural restoration of concrete by epoxy injection is very often the only alternative to complete replacement. It therefore results in great cost savings. Injection protects the rebar and stops water leakage.

Epoxy injection resin is a system for welding cracks. This welding restores the original strength and loading originally designed into the concrete. Epoxy injection restores the structural qualities and it makes the concrete as good as new.

Cracks in the concrete are a sign of failure caused by stresses, inadequate design, improper curing, etc. Cracks left unrepaired allow moisture, road salts and other contaminants to penetrate and attack the rebar.

The epoxy injection resin has two purposes. First, it effectively seals cracks to prevent the damaging moisture entry. Secondly, it monolithically welds the structure.The sealing properties of the injection prevents premature deterioration of the reinforcing.

The epoxy Injection resin systems should be of very low viscosity. That way they will flow into the thinnest hair line cracks. Resin can travel several feet from the point of injection. It may take some time before reaching the next crack or penetrating pin holes in the surface.

Resin Injection
As an alternative to an epoxy injection machine, a binary caulking gun and static mix tubes can be used to inject this resin. Caulking guns, pressure pots, or similar batching tools are not suitable for injection.Excessive pressures can cause hydraulic lifting, rupturing of the cracked substrate, or further lengthening of the crack. Low pressures allow a gradual resin flow into the crack and a deeper penetration.

Epoxy Injection Systems are very effective at repairing concrete cracks, delaminations, and hollow planes. Analyses of the cracks and proper preparation are very important to insuring the maximum performance from the epoxy injection systems. Adequate equipment is also necesery. Epoxy injection has to be done correctly because there is no " Second Time ".

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