Laying Epoxy Floor with throwel


What is epoxy floor?

There are different reasons why the term " epoxy floor " is hard to define.

One of the main reasons are the differences in definitions given by epoxy resin manufacturers and contractors.

It has often been proved that a certain type of epoxy floors after laying does not have the expected characteristics stated by manufacturers. It happens simply because the floor has not been layed only and strictly by following the manufacturers' instructions but by combining the manufacturers' instructions with procedures experienced by contractors.Therefore one definition of epoxy floors will be given by manufacturers of epoxy resins and another one by epoxy contractors

A general definition of epoxy floors might be: "Multiple epoxy layers placed on a floor surface regardless of the kind of epoxy resins applied, provided that total thickness of all layers applied is at least 2 mm."

Other “epoxy floors” consisting of less than three layers, the total thickness of the existing layers being less than 2mm might be called “epoxy floor coatings”.

In some cases it is hard to distinguish between an epoxy floor and an industrial epoxy floor.The type of an industrial epoxy floor will depend, in most cases, on standards prescribed by different countries concerning the concrete base qualities, as well as on the characteristics of the floor to be installed for the needs of a specific industry. There are many factors needed to define the term "industrial epoxy floor".

The simplest explanation of 'industry epoxy floor' could be: "Any epoxy floor consisting of three layers of epoxy resins of a total of at least 2 mm, provided that at least two of the layers are 100% solid epoxy".

All proposed definitions are based on long-lasting experiences in laying of epoxy floors and the knowledge of the technical and chemical characteristics of different epoxy resins which are evident after the process of hardening has been completed.

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