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Selecting Epoxy Resin for Flooring

There are thousands of possible combinations of epoxy resin polymer, curing agents and aggregates for use in the epoxy flooring systems. Each combination offers a different performance property.
Much of the decision of which system to use is based on what type of surface you plan to coat, and on the environment of the area to be coated. Whether you want to paint your garage floor (using some epoxy paint) or coat a large industrial hall it is essential that the designer prioritizes the performance requirements before selecting materials for a particular epoxy flooring application.

Basically, we can classify epoxy resins as:
100% solids, solvent-based resins, and emulsions.
Resins that are 100% solids refer to the fact that all the material in the resin is used in the curing phase and becomes solid epoxy.
The solvents in resins evaporate during the curing cycle, they can be smelly for a period of time, and in some cases are a fire hazard.
Emulsion resins primarily contain water as the carrier with small amounts of solvent. These materials are nonflammable, have much less smell, and are recommended for interior use.

Resins that are 100% solids can be roughly classified as:

1. Semi-rigid Biphenyl A epoxy
Used for high traffic areas, automotive service areas, impact areas, and floors that must stand up to acid or other chemicals

2. Novolac/Bisphenol F epoxy
Used for applications under more severe chemical exposure, high acid / chemical handling areas, higher temperature areas, lower temperature areas (such as refrigeration or freezer floors), coatings for high impact floors such as industrial or manufacturing environments

100% Solids epoxy coatings are typically used in commercial and industrial settings. They provide the highest level of durability and resistance. However, they are more costly, and more difficult to apply than epoxy coating products that have a lower percentage of epoxy solids.
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