Epoxy Flooring Tools



Epoxy flooring tools

Special tools are used for laying epoxy floors, however many other different tools and machines used in constructing houses, buildings, etc. may also be used for this purpose.

Special tools for laying epoxy floors are:

- Rake trowels with teeth of different dimensions are used to spread the epoxy mixture over a surface.
- Bull floats with adjustable spikes for spreading a specific epoxy mixture over a surface.
- Bull float with rubber, i.e. a sort of squeegee for spreading epoxy colors and epoxy s
sealers before using the cotton roller.
- Plastic spike roller to squeeze out the air from the epoxy mixture and level the laid
- Metal spike roller to squeeze out the air from an epoxy mixture containing a greater
quantity of quartz sand and to level the laid mixture.
- Walking boots with spikes to wear while laying some kinds of epoxy floors .

When laying epoxy floors it is necessary to take precautionary measures recommended by epoxy resin manufacturers: to wear protective glasses, protective gloves, special clothing and footwear, gas masks.If only one epoxy floor is to be laid some old clothing and footwear may be worn which are later on to be thrown away.

You can find epoxy flooring tools at the link below :
Squeegees, rakes, spiked shoes for epoxy flooring

Find hand and power tools from more than 200 of the world's leading brands :
Hand and power tools for epoxy flooring 1
Hand and power tools for epoxy flooring 2

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